The ONLYGLASS MEDIACRYSTAL (OMC) represents the future of digital experiences at retail environment. This transparent LCD screen dramatically stages your marketing activities via interactive communication with consumers.

The transparent digital signage solution is suitable for indoor purposes. The breakthrough technology of OMC allows a fascinating interactive experience and introduces a new era of product presentation. Real entertainment possibilities are offered by the integration of this smart window into display cases, store windows or showrooms. Discover the breathtaking showcase opportunities: products in conjunction with digital touch media. The principle is very simple: products can be placed behind the clear, transparent screen whilst eye-catcing advertising, images, animations or interactive games are displayed at the same time. Whether high-end products in showrooms, at point of sale or at trade shows, the ONLYGLASS MEDIACRYSTAL offers significant added value via: professional shopping assistance and digital expansion of retail space, support of customer loyalty programs and the creation of new stimuli for buying impulses.

Application areas

> point of sale
> display windows/ shopping malls
> exhibition stands
> showrooms

Fascinating opportunities in retail and marketing

The possibilities are almost endless. The ONLYGLASS MEDIACRYSTAL is not only designed for point of sale applications, but offers a wide range of breathtaking presentation opportunities.

Key features

  • > full HD resolution
  • > high transparency
  • > low weight
  • > customer specific applications