ONLYGLASS MEDIAFACADE (OMF) is the pioneering alternative to curtain media façades. Integration into a façade, low dead weight and high light permeability are just some of the advantages of this product.

The ONLYGLASS MEDIAFACADE is a transparent LED display developed for façades and integrated directly into the insulated glazing, blending with the cladding of the building. Fine LED strips in the insulated glazing compound enable a very high level of transparency at high resolution – ideal for large-scale displays on the outer shell of a building. The system combines aesthetics with high tech “invisibly” in the glass façade.

Application areas

> Façades/large glass surfaces in the cladding of a building

Direct integration into the façade

Direct integration into the façade means that spaces behind the LED display can continue to be used as normal. Sunlight can enter the inside of the building unimpeded as it does with normal insulated glazing. This is a perfect design for all those who place great value on aesthetics.

Key features

  • > minimum pixel pitch 20 mm
  • > transparency of at least 80%
  • > low weight of only an additional 3.5 kg/m²
  • > areas of up to 1,000 m² possible



OMF - Downloads

Facade-integrated Mediatecture

Parameters of Media Facades

Technical Data