“Great Kiez-show” – Installation of the Mediafacade at the Klubhaus St. Pauli

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„This is going to be a great Kiez-show” – with this headline the biggest German tabloid newspaper commented on the installation of the ONLYGLASS Mediafaçade at the Klubhaus St.Pauli. And they are absolutely right. The spectacular installation of eleven panes for the lift was a big show. In mid-July time had come. In the early morning a huge truck crane arrived at the building site of the future entertainment center. Unfortunately the rain interrupted the whole procedure. The glass panes have a weight of around 600 kilograms and were held by ten huge suction cups when being heaved. Therefore the panes needed to be absolutely dry before the suction cups could be put on it. At 10 a.m. the rain finally stopped and preparations for the installation could start. The tension rose, also for the media representatives. The public Northern German Broadcasting (NDR) even sent a video journalist and an outside broadcast van to report from the building site (The reportage you can find here (in German))


At 11 a.m. the crane driver got the commando. The first one of the 2.50 meters x 3.40 meters big panes floated into the cloud-covered sky of Hamburg – a big show, which was also observed by many wide-eyed passersby. By contrast, the staff of our partner firm Emigholz Glas was really cool although they had the toughest work just ahead of them. They needed to put the huge pane into a small gap between the shell and the scaffolding, without any collisions – real filigree work with heavyweights. Floor by floor, the glass pane was let down, always in radio contact with the crane driver. The experts of Emigholz Glas were responsible for the adjustment at the lift. After all, the first pane could be fixed at the metal under construction – such a relief, also for the ONLYGLASS Managing Director Walter Tietz and Product Manager Ralf Krüßel who were on site.

The installation of the other panes was then nearly a routine, although it needed a lot of fine accuracy too. The vertical LED stripes of the individual panes had to be positioned one above the other, accurate to the millimetre. Otherwise there would not be a picture with fine lines in the end. But also this worked perfectly – a great praise for our crew from Emigholz Glas.

Soon after, the final functional check followed: the Mediafaçade was connected to the grit through a plug-in-system. The power button was switched on, all LEDs burned – happy faces everywhere. By now, the high-definition part of the Mediafaçade, provided by ONLYGLASS, is completely installed at the Klubhaus St. Pauli. The great opening of the Mediafaçade is planned in autumn.


You can find more information on this spectacular mediafaçade here.

The video on the installation has been produced by fact+film.