Opening Klubhaus St. Pauli – Thousands excited about mediafaçade

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What a spectacle! At the opening of the 10th Reeperbahn-Festival the kickoff for the 700 square meter large mediafaçade at the new Klubhaus St.Pauli finally took place. Thousands of people assembled at the Spielbudenplatz and enjoyed a lightning event which is unique in this world, as Dr. Dorothee Stapelfeldt, Senator of the Free City of […]

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“Great Kiez-show” – Installation of the Mediafacade at the Klubhaus St. Pauli

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„This is going to be a great Kiez-show” – with this headline the biggest German tabloid newspaper commented on the installation of the ONLYGLASS Mediafaçade at the Klubhaus St.Pauli. And they are absolutely right. The spectacular installation of eleven panes for the lift was a big show. In mid-July time had come. In the early […]

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Production of laminated glass panes with enclosed LED stripes

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At our manufacturing base Verden we started to assemble the panes for the Mediafaçade of the Klubhaus St. Pauli. Overall there are 11 glass panes for the elevator, which will lead to the panorama restaurant on the sixth floor. ONLYGLASS is responsible for the high-resolution part. We produce the glass panes in different sizes. The […]

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